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R&L Feedyard

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1500 Commercial Cows
300 Bred Hfrs

4500 Hd Capacity
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This is my Morand dealer online catalog.  Here you will find the majority of the products that Morand manufactures.  There are more products available so don't hesitate to ask about something you don't see.  I will do everything that I can to provide you with the livestock equipment that best suits your operation.  Not every operation's needs are the same, and Morand offers a wide selection of products from headgates to complete livestock handling systems for cattle, bison and horses that can improve any aspect of your operation.  Call me anytime for any questions you might have on products or promotions and for more information on Morand Industries Inc.
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Wyatt Larsen
(605) 680-0760
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Morand Industries makes everything you'll need to make livestock handling easier and more safe.  From round bale feeders to complete handling systems which includes the famous Morand Squeeze Chute with the Original Shoulder Holder.  This shoulder holder, when activated, immobilizes your cattle to make jobs like neck injections, ear tagging, implanting, eye exams, brisket tagging, etc, safe and easy!

Maternity Pens, Loading Chutes (portable and stationary), calf squeezes (with shoulder holder), scale boxes, sorting Y Alleys, crowding tubs, palpation cages, rolling doors (tailgates), and a large assortment of gates and panels, are just some of the products that Morand Industries has been building for decades.

Round bale feeders come in different styles including the Hex Feeder, S Bar feeder panels, Slant Bar feeder panels, and both light and heavy creep panels.
For the rodeo arena Morand makes bucking chutes, stripping chutes and timed event chutes.

They also make a Bison handling tub system that has no equal.  These come as both portable and stationary systems.

Morand Industries also make a variety of horse products including round pens and horse stalls.

Some of the nicest garden furniture and deck railings on the market are made by Morand Industries.

See a short video of the Morand Squeeze Chute with the Original Shoulder Holder in action as a couple of Ranch Gals work their cattle.